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Class Descriptions

All Levels

Whether you are just a beginner who has never taken yoga before or are someone who has been a yogi for some time, the all levels class is a good fit for virtually anyone.   In this class we will explore awareness through movement using the BromYoga approach, a balancing of all aspects of the body.  Build and refine your base of strength, flexibility and balance.  We will work on enhancing mobility and stability in the areas where it is most important allowing the body greater ease in functional movement.  Meditation and Breathwork will be featured as well to help restore a feeling of centeredness.  Leave class feeling more open, relaxed, and at ease in your body.
Drop In: $17

Yoga on the River

Breathe in the fresh outdoor air, feel the sun on your skin.  Enjoy an enhanced experience using all of the senses to awaken your awareness.  Yoga the way it was meant to be enjoyed — outdoors in nature.   All levels class description applies here (see above).  Classes will be held along the Riverwalk between the Tsongas Center and the Lawrence Mills Mural Building (see map).  Please dress in layers as mornings can be cool, You may also want to bring the following:  suntan lotion to protect your skin, a yoga mat, towel or blanket, and some water.  In the event of a forecast of rain, an email will go out to the mailing list the evening before (by 8pm) noting that class will be held at our usual location of The Space (see location page for more info).  If no email is sent out, assume that we will be meeting on the River.  If you would like to join the mailing list to be notified, please send an email to the address in the right sidebar.
Drop In: $17

Hot Yoga – NEW!

Some like it hot!  Done in a heated room, this class is best suited for the yogi who has a good level of physical fitness looking to take their practice to the next level.  This heated class will allow the body to warm up faster in the postures to release the deeper held tension in the body.  The heat also challenges endurance levels providing a great cardiovascular workout.  We will explore more intermediate and advanced postures to build on the foundation of strength, flexilbility and balance established in the All Levels class.  Please drink plenty of water before coming to class and during class, and bring a towel or two.
Drop In: $17